Why does my cheap gimbal make jittery footage?

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Going through my footage I shot with my cheap gimbal on my computer and saw jitter in a lot of videos. Where does this jitter come from?

The jitter or micro-shakes in the footage are caused mainly by the optical image stabilization on a smartphone itself. The so called OIS tries to compensate the movements that are made with your phone. But when using a gimbal, the OIS and the gimbal are compensating for every moment. This causes the overcompensation and therefore the jitter in your footage.

What is OIS?

OIS is optical image stabilization and works by using gyroscopes to calculate how much countermovements must be made by your lens. When these movements are made during the capturing of an image or video, the camera movement blur is reduced. So the optical image stabilization can be very useful in any situation with good lighting. Giving you the ability to create content without any problems by hand. But in lower light situations the OIS gives the user an advantage it didn’t have in the past. Shooting with less light, means longer exposure times and therefore you need quit a steady hand.

How can I minimize the jitter?

The jitter is quit often caused by using a gimbal and a smartphone with OIS enabled. Where you would think the overstabilization could actually work.. It doesn’t. I thought I had some good shots, because they looked great when playing it back on my Iphone. But when I imported these gimbal shots on my mac, I was instantly disappointed. The jitter is noticeable and very annoying, definitely when your just getting into videography. You can use workarounds in the editing proces with plugins that smooth out movements. But when your videos are ‘shitty’, they’ll not sudden become amazing with some video effects. You’ll have to make good looking shots, preferably without jitter, to make a good looking video. So how did I minimize the jittery effect as much as possible?

I found some apps for my Iphone that give me the option to disable the OIS and this instantly gave me better footage. The jitter was almost completely gone and now I really enjoyed the gimbal footage. So a good way to eliminate the jitter caused when using a gimbal, it to disable the OIS.

Can I disable the OIS in the native camera app?

The native camera app in your Iphone does not support the feature to disable the OIS. This will explain why a lot of people have been complaining when using their gimbal with the native camera app and getting jittery footage. In the native app on the iphone the optical and digital image stabilization is automatically turned on. Thus creating quit a lot of problems.

What apps can I use to disable the OIS on my iphone?

The app I use to disable the IOS is Procam and it gives me the option to shoot in 4k Max and this disables the image stabilization in the phone. Not only is the optical image stabilization disable, but the digital image stabilization also. I read something about it on the Procam tutorials page: ‘Neither digital nor OIS video stabilization are supported.’.

You can also use other apps like Filmic Pro, that also support the option to disable OIS. I have not tested the Filmic Pro app on this option before, so I will get back to this in the future.

What are other solutions?

You can try to improve your movements and move like a ninja. I’ve already told about some movements you need to master in my other article. But improving your movement can increase the quality of your footage dramatically.

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