Zhiyun Smooth Q: Is it the best (cheap) Iphone gimbal? (My review)

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Why buy an expensive camera and invest in other equipment, when you’ve already got an Iphone..

You can make professional looking video footage by using your Iphone camera. In this review I will tell you about the smartphone gimbal made by Zhiyun.

The device functions as a camera stabilizer for your phone. Using a gimbal can make your travel videos, vlogs or social media content look professional without the expenses. The Zhiyun is perfect for beginners or people who just want to use the gimbal only on their vacations or during events.



Review of: Zhiyun Smooth Q          Use: Iphone Video Stabilizer

Quick overview

Professional looking footage and great battery life
Low cost of investment compared to other brands
Ease of use
Easy to use and results get better with more practice
App Support
Application is not as good as those of the competitors.

Iphone gimbal

– Great stabilization
– Build quality
– Looks
– Battery life
– Price
– Can be used with other phones and devices

Don’t Like
– Practice is needed to make the most out of the gimbal.
– App isn’t as advanced as the  application that is made  for the DJI Gimbals.


The Zhiyun Smooth Q is a great buy for it’s money. With just a bit over the $100 pricepoint, Zhiyun provides the user with gimbal that creates smooth looking video footage. Combine these results with good build quality and ease of use, than this purchase is a no brainer. Create memories that are more beautiful by investing in this equipment.

Iphone stabilizer

After using the Zhiyun gimbal regularly the last three weeks


The Zhiyun Smooth Q is not as heavy as some of the competitors, but it still feels premium. The gimbal is built well and makes smooth movements out of the box. While using the device for a while, the results stay consistent and the stabilizer does the job.

The battery is built-in the grip, so it isn’t interchangeable. But this is no problem, because it lasts about 12 hours. I never had a day when using the gimbal, that it died on me because it was out of juice.

The gimbal has a usb port on the bottom of the handle, so you can charge your device while using it. This really comes in handy and I used it every time.



For a little over $100 the gimbal is a no brainer if you want to try it out. Even for the more experienced videographer, the gimbal is a  must-have in the camerabag. Where you can quickly make some smooth footage and you don’t want the hassle of adjusting your DSLR and stabilizer.

The pricing of the device is below the competitors price, where a similar product of DJI costs more. You can also choose out of three different colours.

Ease of use

As said before, the device is easy to use out of the box. You do need to make some adjustments when using bigger devices like a Iphone 6/7/8 Plus.

The video footage you can make with the gimbal without practice, is without a doubt better than anything you take handheld. But I noticed that I got better using the Zhiyun and these results were noticable in my videos. There can be a little jitter in some footages, what lookes like a mechanical shake. I noticed this because I’ve worked with equipment like this before.

Gopro gimbal

The gimbal is not only compatible with an Iphone, it can be used with multiple smartphones up to 6 inch. You can also use the Zhiyun as a Gopro gimbal.

But to do this you need to purchase this Gopro adapter to make it fit.


App Support

The application that is developed by Zhiyun isn’t that great, because the resolution you get when making videos with the app is lower. You’re better off using the Camera app that is in you’re smartphone itself.

Final Answer

Buying the Zhiyun Smooth Q for your smartphone will be a decision you won’t regret. To my opinion the results you can get this piece of equipment, is definitely worth the money. You can get better gimbals, but those require more hassle and are more technical. Out of the box, the Zhiyun is a winner for it’s price and I’ll call it the best cheap Iphone gimbal!